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Last updated: 12th November 2019. The Washington Obamacare exchange is called HealthPlanFinder. The HealthPlan Finder open enrollment period opened up on Nov 1, 2018 and was closed on Dec 15th, 2018. To get a free health insurance quote click here. If you miss the open enrollment period you may still be able to apply and get coverage if you meet certain criterion.

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange operates Washington Healthplanfinder, which is an online marketplace where citizens of Washington State can view and compare various health insurance plans, and select the one that best suits their budget and individual needs. Currently, Washington Healthplanfinder serves over a million Washingtonians.
Enrollment – Under Washington Healthplanfinder, health insurance coverage is available to individuals, families, businesses, tribal members, immigrants and self-employed people.
Paying for Coverage – In September of 2015, Washington Healthplanfinder discontinued the practice of accepting payments for individuals and families. They must now make their payments for their monthly premiums directly to their insurer. Payments for October and subsequent months cannot be made to Washington Healthplanfinder.

Beginning in October, insurance companies will begin billing directly, so if you have any questions about payment deadlines or other billing issues, contact your health or dental insurance provider. Click here to learn more.

HealthPlanFinder Plans & Networks

Each health plan that Washington Health Benefit Exchange provides under Washington Healthplanfinder meets stringent standards for quality and benefits. All essentials are covered, including doctor visits, emergency room care, maternity care, prescriptions, and preventative treatments like immunizations and cancer treatment. Additionally, you will never be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions or illness.

A variety of different health plans are available, so you can select the one that best suits your budget and the needs of you and your family.

Metal Levels – Health insurance plans come in what is known as “metal levels.” They are, as you might reasonably expect, bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels. All levels contain the basic care elements. The difference in the plans is in the percentage of care costs that they cover. Bronze plans cover 60% of your costs, silver covers 70%, gold 80%, and platinum 90%. Click here to learn more about the different plans and networks available.

HealthPlanFinder Financial Assistance

Generally speaking, unless you qualify for an exemption, you are required by law in most states to carry health insurance. This is no different in the State of Washington. However, depending on your level of income, you may qualify for financial assistance that will help to offset the cost of health insurance for you and your family. In some instances, you may even be able to obtain health insurance at no cost at all. Read on to learn more.

Lower Premium Costs

Your health insurance premium payment costs can often be lowered by means of tax credits. Tax credit amounts are set by the federal government, and are income-based. You can be eligible for a premium tax credit if: Click here to learn more.

HealthPlanFinder Pros & Cons

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange has redesigned their website in order to make it easier for new and existing clients to find the information they need in order to choose a health insurance plan and enroll with Washington Healthplanfinder. They’ve added a variety of new features and reorganized things quite a bit. From our perspective, there’s a lot to like. Of course, people can be resistant to change, and the new format could take some getting used to. With that in mind, let’s talk about the pros and cons of

The website is now divided into sections for new customers and current customers. New customers don’t have to navigate a whole lot of information that isn’t really relevant to them in the early stages of learning about plan levels, payment methods, tax credits and so on. By the same token, current customers can get the information that they need in order to maintain their coverage, find out about their benefits, change their plans, and more. Click here to read more.

HealthPlanFinder Small Business

As a small business owner, you know the value of your employees, and you know that good benefits can help you to find the best employees and to keep them once you’ve found them. Good health insurance is one of those benefits.

Now, having said that, we know that it’s not always easy finding health insurance that gives your employees the benefits they want at a price you can afford to pay. If you’re having difficulty finding the right insurance package for your employees, check out the Washington Health Benefit Exchange. It administers the Washington Healthplanfinder program, which assists not just individuals and families, but also small business, in finding quality health insurance plans at considerable cost savings.

The Advantages

Washington Healthplanfinder can assist your business by:

  • Making Choices Easier

You can check out state-certified health plans by using the side-by-side comparison tool. Evaluate the benefits of each plan, the quality and the premiums. Of course, all plans will cover essential services like doctor and emergency room visits, preventative care and prescriptions, but the amount of coverage will vary according to which “metal plan” you choose. Metal plans are so-called because they’re rated as bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Bronze plan pays 60% of costs, a silver pays 70%, gold 80%, and platinum 90%. To learn more about Enrollment and Tax Credits, click here.

HealthPlanFinder Tax Information

We all dread tax time. It’s when our beloved government puts it hands in our pockets and relieves us of a fair chunk of the money we’ve worked hard to earn. However, you should know that you can actually get some of that money back by means of various tax credits that are in place to reduce the amount you have to spend on health insurance. Read on for more information.

Premium Tax Credits – A premium tax credit, by definition, reduces the amount of money that you pay for insurance premiums. This is also known as an APTC (advanced premium tax credit) or an HIPTC (health insurance premium tax credit). You can use the tax credits either when you pay your premiums, or you can wait and use them all at once when you file your income tax return.

These credits are available under the Affordable Care Act, which is designed to make it easier for you to afford the health insurance coverage that you buy through Washington Healthplanfinder. The amount of the credit will depend on what you estimate that your income will be when you file your next years’ taxes. Assuming that you qualify, you could be able to apply part or all of the credits in order to reduce your monthly insurance premiums. For Tax related information including tax form 1095-A, click here.

HealthPlanFinder Tribal Members

Under the Affordable Care Act, Native Americans and Alaska Natives now have many new opportunities for health insurance programs. If you are an American Indian living in the State of Washington, you could be eligible for health insurance at a very low cost, or even free, through Washington Healthplanfinder, which is administered by the Washington Health Benefit Exchange.

New coverage options can also assist tribes with improving health care services that they are already receiving. Essentially, the more coverage tribal members have, the more funding is available through tribal and urban Indian health programs. Indian people who enroll in QHPs (Qualified Health Plans) can realize significant benefits. Read more about Tribal members information by  clicking here.

Unique Aspects of HealthPlanFinder

What makes the Washington Health Benefit Exchange unique? Well, for one thing, it boasts an amazingly high enrollment rate, with a million and a half Washingtonians getting health insurance coverage under the Washington Healthplanfinder program last year. This proves how effective the Exchange is when it comes to meeting the needs of Washingtonians who require health care insurance. Increasingly, the number of uninsured residents of Washington State is declining, and that’s thanks to the efficacy of the program.

Savings – Savings rates under the Washington Healthplanfinder program, which is administered by the Exchange, are also significant. The average plan, with a tax credit, saved the average customer $207 last year. The average monthly cost of a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) was over $173, and the average plan cost without a credit was over $381.

Enrollment – Washington State has a high number of young people enrolled in QHPs through the Exchange – young adults actually make up 23% of the total enrollment. By young adults, we refer to people between the ages of 18 and 34. When you account for the number of people enrolled under Medicaid (Washington Apple Health), this number actually increases to 27% of all people enrolled under Washington Healthplanfinder insurance plans. To learn more click here.

Whats new for HealthPlanFinder in 2016?

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange operates Washington Healthplanfinder, which is Washington State’s insurance marketplace. Either website can provide you with a wealth of information about health insurance plans, financial assistance, tax credits and more. The Exchange does want you to know, though, that there will be a few changes coming in 2016, particularly where tax credits are concerned.

Tax Credit – Tax credits are designed to help reduce the cost of health insurance premiums. The federal tax credit is available only through the Exchange, and households that are below 400% of the FPL (federal poverty level) are eligible for assistance that is based on a sliding scale. Last year, the average customer received a monthly tax credit of +$207. This is based on the Silver plan.

Of course, premium prices change from year to year, and that means that available tax credits can also change. When you’re shopping for insurance coverage, you want to consider these changes to make sure that you have the plan that best suits your budget and needs. To learn more about what is new for HealthPlanFinder 2016 click here.

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